SafeName is a unique alias that enables users to have an online profile identity which connects to one or more of their Crypto Address in a single profile. SafeName supports mostpopular coins including, but not limited to: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash. The SafeName browser plugin will help users identify SafeName identities and unsafe cryptoaddresses such as phishing websites when browsing the internet. SafeName’s Application Programming Interface (API) also allows any: exchange, wallet or merchant outlets, to send money to users via their SafeName. Users will gain confidence of their whitelist withdrawals or Non-Fungible Token (NFT) payto addresses by recognizing their SafeName.

Identity pages can be created now. Risk score and login content management (CMS) will be live in Summer 2019

All Identities come with a lifetime subscription; your identity is always you.

It is a very high security risk to ever transfer your public/private key since you have no idea who would be able to use it and access your funds. You cannot transfer your SafeNames to someone else.

We support over 60+ of the most popular coins and more will be added regularly.

SafeName is not a wallet: we do not ever store or have access to your funds. SafeName provide you a Secure Anonymous Identity based on your address without ever storing your funds.

Trademark holders with a proof of ownership can apply to claim their trademark names. If a trademark name has been already sold or claimed, it can not be reclaimed.

SafeName alias is not a domain and thus it will never expire and there is no annual renewal fee. Your SafeName alias will remain with you for life.

SafeName’s revolutionary concept allows users to create a secure and trusted online identity without the use of any of their personally identifiable information (PII). PII may include: email, phone number, or other know your customer (KYC) information. SafeName isfully anonymous at its core; although users may still opt in for: methods to connect their profile via email verification, phone number SMS verification or connection to other social media and login. This information will be used for building profile standings and scoring only and will never be accessible to other users nor our own staff.

SafeName uses a trust-less KYC process. Users who choose to provide their PII for KYC are verified through an accredited 3rd party. Users’ profiles are stored in cipher text and can only be retrieved with a user’s permission and digital signature. SafeName has no means to access to this information in any scenario.

Through the addition of cryptocurrency addresses on the exchange; your cryptocurrency holdings will automatically synchronise to your Identity. In an exchange withdrawal whitelist, your SafeName will be returned to you as confirmation, so you know that your withdrawal address is you and it was not tampered with.

As the network grows, there will be a reduced availability on unique SafeNames. Names which are likely to be popular well known identities include: common words, shortest words and most valuable domain names, are typically in this category.

As highlighted, owning your own SafeName, is free. However Safename also provides other value added services, such as: detailed credit and risk rating reports and advanced payment and risk transaction notifications, for a nominal fee.

It is likely the wallet (hardware or software) you are using has multiple hidden BTC addresses in the background, not just the one you see when you click receive. The balance displayed by your wallet is the sum of all bitcoin addresses it maintains. Please review the FAQ from your wallet provider to find information on how to view these hidden addresses. For BTC, the wallets main it is generally referred to as export your Extended Public Key (XPub). Your XPub generates all the public addresses associated with your bitcoin wallet. 

Safename is not a wallet or Exchange and in no way controls your funds. In its simplest form, Safename is an aggregator of publicly available data already available on the blockchain, that we allow users to bind’s Alias’ and written text message to address and transactions.  

Safename uses information from each of the asset's blockchains to build the current and past information from information already publicly available on each chain.  

You also may have noticed that multiple coins you own (for example, REP, BAT, TUSD, and many other) share the same receiving address as your Ethereum (ETH) address. This is because many tokens use the Ethereum blockchain as there backend. The Ethereum Blockchain was the first blockchain project that allowed other people and entities to easily develop their own blockchain tokens using a standardised set of rules know as ERC20 tokens. These tokens and digital contracts sit in the coding layer behind Ethereum and use the Ethereum infrastructure to manage and secure the data and transaction.  

Like other blockchain assets, ERC20 tokens are blockchain assets that can have value and be sent and received like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other blockchain asset. The difference between ERC20 tokens and cryptocurrencies like Litecoin is that ERC20 tokens don’t have their own blockchain but use Ethereum’s. ERC20 tokens are stored on Ethereum addresses, sent using Ethereum transactions, and use GAS (tiny fractions of Ethereum to fund the transactions).  

Safename uses a combination of Chain Analysis (analysing the blockchain for suspicious addresses and activity) and varying levels of voluntary (opt-in) customer identity verification known generally as KYC (know your client). Safename assigns all public addresses a risk core with from 0-100%, with 0% being the highest risk, 50% being Neutral and 100% the lowest risk.